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Purchased from International Paper in 1981, this hardwood lumber mill has a production capacity of 50 million board feet, making it one of the largest hardwood mills in the South region.  Within reach of the fertile bottomlands of the Little Missouri, Ouachita, and Saline rivers – an area with excellent drainage that regularly produces some of the finest oak and ash in the country – this mill has access to some of the highest quality hardwood fiber in the country.  Additionally, Beirne boasts the largest hardwood pre-drying facility in the nation, with a capacity of 1.75 million board feet.  This mill specializes in high grade 1” red and white oak lumber, pallet cants, and railroad ties. Located along the Union-Pacific railroad and with direct access to Interstate 30, Beirne can ship goods quickly and efficiently throughout the country.

Physical Address:

Anthony Timberlands, Inc.
Highway 51 South
Beirne, AR 71721


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