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At ATI, the quality of our products is our #1 priority. The long-lasting relationships we have built are proof of our commitment to consistent, quality performance. And that commitment has benefitted customers year in and year out.
As an integrated forest products company, we believe high quality products begin with responsible forest management.  Our dedicated team of foresters ensures that our four lumber mills are supplied with high grade, mature fiber.
Each facility owned by ATI and our family of companies is subject to continuous improvement through technological innovation. Attention to detail and on-going improvements allow us to manufacture the highest-quality products from raw materials. All softwood and hardwood lumber grading is completed in accordance with Southern Pine Inspection Bureau and National Hardwood Lumber Association guidelines, respectively. The result for customers is an assurance that they receive exactly what is ordered.




Since the 1907 creation of our company, responsible forest management has been a core philosophy. Our founder, Garland Anthony, was one of this region’s pioneers of both uneven-aged forest management and re-growing cut-over timberland.  Four generations later, ATI still abides by the forest sustainability principles that Mr. Garland established. As responsible stewards of the forest, ATI is proud to point out there are more trees growing in South Arkansas today than there were 100 years ago.
All ATI-managed timberland is enrolled in the American Tree Farm System, a nationally recognized, third-party certification agency.




ATI and our family of companies create value through recognizing and employing the latest in timber manufacturing technologies. Continued investment in capital projects at each location, and our use of leading-edge innovation, result in operational efficiency and product quality. The benefits to our customers begin with competitive pricing and continue through to the lasting superiority of our products.


As an integrated forest products company, we realize the impact our facilities have on the small communities surrounding our South Arkansas locations. ATI’s family of companies provides jobs to over 700 individuals in our mills. Additional jobs are created in support operations, including contractors for logging, trucking, and security. 
The Anthony family has operated sawmills in South Arkansas for over 110 years.  Unlike companies that have sold to multi-national corporations, ATI has committed to a multi-generational succession plan making sure South Arkansas operations continue for years to come, all the while contributing to the communities we serve.
At ATI, we have a policy of staying local and promoting from within. As you can see on our Executive Leadership page, ATI key personnel have been with the company for an average of 25 years, and have performed a variety of jobs and duties during their tenure.
As a leader in our communities, ATI strives to make each town a better place to live through community involvement and various charitable contributions, including the Bearden Scholarship Foundation, which provides college financial assistance to graduates of Bearden High School.