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The dense hardwood forests in the fertile bottomlands of the Little Missouri, Ouachita, and Saline River basins provide an excellent source of grade red oak, white oak, hickory, gum, and ash logs for our three hardwood sawmills located in Beirne, Mount Holly, and Magnolia, Arkansas, respectively. ATI adds value to these raw materials by manufacturing the following finished products:

1” LumberATI specializes in high quality oak and ash lumber, utilized primarily in the molding, cabinet, and furniture industries. Additionally, ATI provides custom surfacing and lumber for a wide variety of other products, including oak flooring, frame stock, engineered mats, and pallet material. Because of our facility’s flexibility and modern dry end operations, a customer’s special order can go from a rough log to a kiln-dried and surfaced product in less than 45 days, regardless of the time of year.

Railroad Ties – Due to its high density and structural integrity, ATI hardwood is the perfect material for railroad ties.

Pallet Cants – Through the operation of Beirne and Mount Holly’s modern gang saws, lower-quality fiber can be directed to production of pallet cants for immediate shipment to area pallet mills.

With an annual production capacity of 80 million board feet, ATI facilities can manufacture and ship large orders of green and kiln dried lumber, railroad ties, and pallet cants quickly and efficiently.

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