Anthony Timberlands, Inc.
Seven Generations of Timber People

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Anthony Timberlands. Inc, (ATI), is a privately held, family company spanning seven generations. Beginning in 1907 in the timberland and sawmill lumber operations of Garland Anthony (Mr. Garland), ATI has flourished through the responsible ownership and management of timberlands, sawmills, and multi-faceted wood products businesses.
Anthony family roots are in south Arkansas. Our heritage was planted there with Mr. Garland’s humble start in a small sawmill in Hopeville, Arkansas. The business has since grown, with our current operations consisting of two pine sawmills, three hardwood sawmills, a hardwood flooring plant, a wood-treating facility, and an engineered, laminated, hardwood mat facility. The Anthony family continues to be good stewards of those roots.

We live and work on the land where we grow, harvest and manufacture forest products. We reside and are active in the communities where our plants are located. We not only know the forest, we know the people who draw from it their very livelihood. 
We believe the seven generations of heritage invested in our lands, plants, and communities, require a higher standard than simply operating for a profit. Each succeeding generation is challenged to leave a better forest and a better company than when they arrived. With those principles in mind, ATI has assembled a team of experts in forest management, production, marketing, and other necessary facets of our industry, to enable us to offer you the highest quality, untreated or treated pine and hardwood lumber at competitive prices.
Over 100 years ago, Mr. Garland made the Anthony name synonymous with the values of quality, responsibility, innovation and commitment. At ATI, we’re dedicated to not only preserving, but building on and expanding this tradition of excellence.
Browse through this website and learn more about what these family and business values mean to us, and what they can mean for you.

John E. Anthony


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