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South Arkansas timberlands provide an abundant supply of quality Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) to our two pine sawmills. SYP is known for its strength, reliability, and consistency. It is cost efficient and environmentally friendly, as well. These traits allow ATI to manufacture a variety of quality products including:

5/4 Radius Edged Decking – Pioneered by ATI in the 1980s, this product has become a staple in decks around the country. ATI specializes in the production of premium and standard 5/4 Radius Edged Decking in 8’-16’ lengths, as well as a proprietary RED grade.

“Patio” Decking – Manufactured from the same quality SYP timber as 5/4 Radius Edged Decking, “Patio” is a proprietary ATI product for customers who desire slightly thicker decking. ATI manufactures “Patio” in 8’-16’ lengths, and is recognized as the #1 producer of this well-known and reliable product.

2” Dimension Lumber – Available in multiple dimensions from 2”x 4” through 2”x 12”, and 6’-20’ in length, ATI offers a wide variety of dimensions and grades to meet your needs.

Timbers – ATI manufactures small timbers in 4x6 and 6x6 dimensions in 6’-20’ lengths. Due to strength and thickness, these products are perfect for use in both home construction, decking, and industrial applications.


With finished storage capacity of over 15 million board feet, ATI can fill most orders within 24 hours. With our pine sawmills located adjacent to Interstate highways and along the Union Pacific and Southern Pacific railroads, all of our softwood products can be quickly and easily shipped all over the country.

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