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John Ed Anthony


Steven Anthony


Rick Green


Art McCants smaller.jpg
Art McCants

Chief Forester – Logging and Timber Procurement

Don McElroy

VP Timberland Management

Don Morehead


Jim Jones

VP Pine Production

Mike McQueen

VP Hardwood Operations

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David Bird

VP Special Projects & Technical Services

David Bird

VP Special Projects & Technical Services

David was born and raised in Camden, AR and came to work at Bearden Lumber Company in 1988 as a journeyman electrician, just six days shy of his 22nd birthday. In the ensuing 31 years, David has steadily progressed, taking on additional responsibility as his work ethic and skills became apparent.

In 1993, David was promoted to the position of Chief Electronics Technician in the newly formed ATI Technical Services Department, where he assumed responsibility over all electronic systems at ATI managed facilities, a fast-growing segment of forest product manufacturing. David has put in countless hours maintaining these systems.

More recently, David assumed the role of Project Manager over many of the capital projects on-going at the various ATI locations. In 2019, he was promoted to Vice President of Special Projects and Technical Services. His experience in electronic systems and project management makes him ideally suited to lead this department.

David Bird smaller.jpg
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