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Managing Timberland for Maximum Benefits

Timber Management by Professionals Improving your Investment
Ownership of timberland is like any other business: You get out of it what you put into it. Our goal is to make every acre we manage achieve its highest and best use through skilled, efficient and professional handling. Our staff of ten graduate foresters manages over 175,000 acres of prime, South Arkansas timberland in accordance with each tract’s greatest potential.

Multiple Use Concept
Anthony Timberlands believes strongly in the “multiple use concept”, whereby timberland is managed to achieve several different and desirable goals simultaneously: Timber growth, wildlife habitat, scenic and recreational quality and protection of the watershed. This means that ATI is not simply a pine management company. Though much of the land under our management is best suited for pine, we also manage creek and river bottom lowlands to maximize production of high grade hardwoods and provide diversity of habitat for wildlife proliferation.

Timber Management, Lay of the Land Harvest Philosophies
Much of the land under ATI management is harvested on an “uneven age” basis. Under this approach, products on a given tract range from small, naturally regenerated seedlings to mature pine and hardwood sawtimber. Such tracts tend to yield larger, high quality timber with good density and clear wood- precisely what is needed to produce premium grade lumber which the market demands. Lands utilizing this style of management confer a variety of environmental benefits (watershed protection, bio-diversity, wildlife habitat) in addition to providing a steady stream of income through a harvest rotation of six to eight years.

Over time, ATI has also acquired a substantial volume of timberland on “even age” harvest rotations. These tracts are routinely planted with high yield, genetically improved seedlings which boast rapid growth and produce high returns through generation of commodity fiber marketed to area paper mills and composite panel plants. In addition, at final harvest, timber from these forests can be profitably produced into commodity dimension lumber, primarily used in housing construction.

Regardless of management philosophy, ATI is sensitive to environmental issues related to lands under its direction. While many large timberland owners have only recently discovered sustainable forestry, this practice was virtually pioneered in Arkansas by ATI’s founder Garland Anthony in the 1920s. Whereas the producers in that era commonly clearcut and abandoned then virgin forests, Mr. Garland accumulated much of this “cut over” timberland and built his operations through sustainable harvest on these second and third growth forests. It is these timberlands which form the nucleus of ATI’s holding to this day.

All lands under ATI management are enrolled in the American Tree Farm System, a recognized program for sustainable timber management. Harvest operations are conducted by select logging contractors in accordance with Best Management Practices (BMPs) promulgated by the Arkansas Forestry Commission.

Though grounded in a tradition of natural, “uneven age” timber management, ATI personnel utilize a broad range of management tools in order to best serve the needs of both the land and its owners. Prescribed burning, chemical application for herbaceous weed control and use of sophisticated mapping technology are all commonly employed by ATI foresters, who also draw upon a staff of forestry technicians, surveyors and line maintenance personnel. Our department of timberland management is supervised by an ATI Vice President with years of technical expertise and experience, a man whose family has lived and worked in the woods of South Arkansas for generations.

Timber Management, Natural Forests Hunting
The lands managed by ATI are located in one of the most wildlife rich areas in the United States. Deer, turkey, duck and feral hogs are harvested in great abundance throughout the ATI operating region. Wildlife considerations are an important element when devising management plans for any tract of ATI timberland. Currently, ATI partners with over 500 hunting clubs in maintaining a thriving, diverse wildlife experience for hunting lessees of ATI timberland. The largest such lessee is the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission which has over 4,000 acres of ATI timberland enrolled in its Big Timber Wildlife Management Area.

ATI - Your Timber Management Team
Sustainable timberland management is key to the success of any wood products-related enterprise. Utilization of the “multiple use concept” is recognition of the responsibility ATI has toward its community and to its heritage. With over 100 years of experience in the field, ATI stands ready to provide its timberland management function both efficiently and economically.

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